Reflexion Email Filtering

SPAM mail out of control?

Tired of receiving solicitations from Viagra and Weight Loss Gimicks?

MWD is proud to offer a premium spam mail filtering service, Reflexion Total Control.  This is a add-on service that routes all of your email through the Reflexion filtering service before it hits your inbox, blocking unwanted spam mail and viruses.  Any email that is questionable, is put into a quarantine that allows you to "release and allow" or permanently block.

Reflexion’s antispam and email security service provides the configurability that IT solution providers need to address a wide range of customer requirements, with the automation and simplicity that end users love.

Key features:

  • Blocks spam, viruses and volume-based attacks before they reach the corporate network
  • Address-on-the-Fly™ technology preserves the integrity of one’s primary email address and identifies address-sharing and the sources of spam
  • Automatic inbound email queuing assures email continuity in the event of a local server outage
  • Outbound email filtering protects one’s reputation and helps to avoid IP address blacklisting

Further Explained


Reflexion is a add on service developed by Sophos.  We offer Reflexion Total Email security to our clients for $3.25 per month, per account.  Please note, because we are filtering all email accounts at the domain level, we must add the filter onto ALL email accounts associated with your domain name.

Setting Up Reflexion

After making a change to your DNS records, each inbox on your domain name will receive a welcome email from "Reflexion Total Control".  Please follow the instructions on this email to setup your account with Reflexion.  This is important as you will need to be able to log into Reflexion to access your quarantine.

Each night at midnight, you will receive a quarantine report sent to your inbox.  This will list any questionable emails that were filtered by Reflexion.  You can choose to release a message, allow messages from a particular senders address or domain, or just keep it in the quarantine if its junk mail.

Reflexion Quarantine

Control Panel

On the bottom of each inbound email, you will see links for the "Control Panel".  From this control panel, you can do the following

  • Block this sender (specific email address, regardless of the domain)
  • Block the domain name (WARNING, do NOT block domain names such as,,, or unless you wish to NOT receive email from any accounts on these domains)
  • Login to your account at to enter your quarantine

Control Panel


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